A first-of-its-kind in the UAE, C37, managed by Dubai Healthcare City, is an innovative, flexible, private medical workspace designed for overseas and UAE-based doctors seeking to establish a part-time, independent practice.

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Private Offices

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C37 provides doctors with a multitude of benefits, taking care of all of their needs. From medical staff, to visa and licensing, C37 enables physicians to expand and grow their practice, as well as network with hospitals and clinics within the Dubai Healthcare ecosystem, and ultimately focus on delivering quality healthcare at its best.

Membership Benefits

Operationally managed clinical space

High caliber supporting staff including nurses and administrators

Registration and appointment management

Discounted diagnostics and laboratory services network

Billing and collections

Patient Medical Insurance network

Medical Malpractice Insurance

DHA Professional licensing

IT-Solution Support (WIFI, HMS, Medical Record System)

End-to-end solutions for visiting doctors including visa issuing and professional licensing

The latest milestone in DHCC’s drive to attract the world's medical talent to enhance healthcare delivery in line with the UAE’s national agenda on advanced health sciences and healthcare excellence, C37 provides a hassle-free solution for both visiting doctors or those in the emirates to leverage their expertise for the local community's wellbeing.

C37 provides cost-effective, customised, and state-of-the-art medical co-working spaces and services that contribute to improving the quality of healthcare and help visiting or UAE-based doctors focus on their core services, with a dedicated team to handle the operational processes, visa processing and licensing.

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Be a part of C37, an effective, innovative doctor-patient solution that cuts out travel time and costs for the benefit of care, and allows you to flexibly run and grow your own practice alongside like-minded people without the upfront capital or commitment that normally comes with opening a new office.